New Generation Cleaners

We are proud to offer a new generation of cleaning products, based on environmentally friendly cleaning agents derived from naturally occurring, renewable resources, which are rapidly biodegradable.

GREEN SAGE ECO PRODUCTS was developed to fill the need for environmentally compatible cleaners that are both safe and effective– Cleaners that are based on renewable, naturally occurring resources. Cleaners that are not dependent on limited resources such as petroleum.

Unlike cleaners based on hazardous petroleum derived solvents, GREEN SAGE ECO PRODUCTS offers a unique combination of surfactants, sequestrants, and wetting agents which are manufactured from renewable, naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconut, and palm, plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn and soybeans.


greensagelogoGreen Sage Eco Products manufactures and markets cleaning products with plant-based and renewable ingredients, at facilities throughout California. Green Sage Eco Products uses a unique “active-colloid” chemistry that avoids dangerous petroleum distillates and hazardous chemicals and solvents. Our products are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Our products are manufactured and packaged in California and shipped directly to consumers, janitorial companies, restaurants, hotels, schools, distributors, and other cleaning product businesses — many that private label our products.

Green Sage Eco Products began in 2001. The founder, a former restaurant owner, operated restaurants throughout California, using the typical industrial strength cleaners that were available at that time, but he was concerned that most of them contained harsh chemicals that gave off fumes, made eyes burn and irritated skin.

Learning about the incredible active-colloid chemistry that forms the foundation for the cleaning products of Green Sage Eco Products, he worked with chemists to help him create a complete line of effective, safe, and competitively-priced bio-degradable eco-friendly cleaning products.

When Green Sage Eco Products began, the green products market was still emerging. In the last few years this segment has grown incredibly. There are lot more resources available now. We can source natural ingredients today that just weren’t available back then.

Recently the company diversified into the personal care products business with a line of eco-friendly shower gels, hand sanitizers, lotions, shampoos and similar products.

Our products are certified, registered, or licensed by

California State Water Resources Control Board
EPA DfE (Design for Environment)
CLEANGREDIENTS database in partnership with the EPA DfE Program
USDA Bio-Preferred Program
United States Navy
State of California Department of Health Services
State of Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
CleanGredients® Policy and Guidelines Statement

Green Sage Eco Products does not contain:

Dangerous Petroleum Distillates
Dangerous Chemicals
Any Animal-based Ingredients.

Green Sage Eco Products is:

Rapidly and completely biodegradable yielding carbon dioxide (C02) and water (H20).
Effective on emulsifying, suspending, dispersing, and removing a wide variety of soils from a number of different surfaces (Floors, Walls, Equipment, Fabric, etc.)
Safe with respect to human exposure as well as environmental impact.
A new concept in cleaning in tune with our increasing concern for preserving the environment, protecting our heath, and reducing our dependency on finite resources such as petroleum.

Green Bleach

GREEN SAGE ECO PRODUCTS GREEN BLEACH is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine based products and it can be used in many applications in and around the home. It is based on sodium percarbonate which uses oxygen for destaining and deodorizing. GREEN BLEACH is safe to use at all temperatures, on most washable fabrics, and all colors, in hard or soft water, and is compatible with other household cleaners. Also, it produces no harmful by-products which negatively affect the environment. Unlike chlorine bleach, which can merely cover up a stain, GREEN BLEACH attacks and breaks down organic stains to totally remove them from the garment.

Uses and Instructions

In the laundry GREEN BLEACH is used to destain, deodorize, and whiten. It is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles. For light soils add 1 ounce of GREEN BLEACH with your laundry detergent per load.

  • For moderate soils use 2 ounces and for heavily soiled articles use 4 ounces.
  • To whiten and deodorize diapers add 4-6 ounces of GREEN BLEACH into the soak cycle. Soak in hot water for at least 30 minutes, or overnight, then complete wash cycle.
  • For whitening old linens and yellowed window shears, deodorizing and cleaning tennis shoes, or to get rid of yellow armpit stains on shirts: soak in 2 ounces of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of water for at least one hour, or overnight, then rinse.


  • For stained plastic ware, dishes, dish rags and dish towels add 1-2 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to the container to be cleaned or to the dishwater and soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • To keep your drains and disposals clear and smelling fresh add 1 ounce of GREEN BLEACH in 8 ounces of hot water and allow solution to sit in drain overnight.


  • For septic systems add 4 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to toilet and flush into the septic system twice a week.
  • For toilets add 3 ounces of GREEN BLEACH, wait 15 minutes then scrub.
  • For shower curtains soak in one ounce of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of hot water; for mildew stains soak overnight.
  • For bathtub and shower use make a paste of GREEN BLEACH with hot water, scrub with a cloth or sponge, wait 15 minutes then rinse or use.


  • For deodorizing garbage cans add 1/2 ounce of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of water and let soak.
  • For lawn furniture add 2 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to hot water, scrub, wait 15 minutes, then rinse.
  • For all weather carpeting add 4 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to a gallon of warm water scrub with a stiff broom, wait 20 minutes then rinse.


  • To destain and deodorize carpets add one ounce of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of carpet shampoo prior to cleaning.
  • To remove mold and mildew from carpeting add 2-4 ounces of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of hot water, apply generously to stain, wait 10 minutes, then vacuum with extractor.
  • For acoustic tiles add 6 ounces of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of hot water, spray on tiles, wait 15 minutes then rinse.
  • For mops add 3 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to a gallon of hot water, soak overnight then rinse.
  • For mildew removal or to clean baseboards or basement floors after water damage from flooding add 4 ounces of GREEN BLEACH to a gallon of hot water, scrub surface, wait 30 minutes then rinse. GREEN BLEACH is safe for use in a closed environment.
  • To clean and deodorize cat litter boxes soak them in 3 ounces of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of water for 20 minutes then rinse.
  • For urine, feces, or vomit stains on carpets or upholstery, add one teaspoon of GREEN BLEACH to 8 ounces of water, wipe onto stain, wait 10 minutes then rinse.


  • To clean and deodorize coolers add 2 ounces of GREEN BLEACH per gallon of hot water, soak for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • For boat sails, cushions, ropes, camping gear, tents, tarps, etc. add 4 oz. of GREEN BLEACH ounces per gallon of hot water soak for 30 minutes then rinse.

Wood Decks
GREEN BLEACH is excellent for cleaning and restoring wood decks. It removes organic stains from leaf stains to BBQ grease, removes mold and mildew as well as sun faded and discolored wood layers. Makes your deck look almost new!!! It doesn’t harm your plants, grass, or landscaping in any way! To clean your deck first remove any loose soils or other matter. Dissolve 6 ounces of GREEN BLEACH Destainer and Deodorizer in a gallon of hot water. Apply to wet deck. Scrub with a stiff broom or brush, then rinse. For railings a hand pump sprayer does a really excellent job. Wait 10-15 minutes, then rinse.