Spring Cleaning Kit

Spring Cleaning Kit

Spring Cleaning Kit


Our New Spring Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to transform your home including Green Bleach, All Purpose Cleaner, Window and Glass Cleaner and Dish Wash.  You can deep clean your home without introducing unnecessary chemicals into your home environment where your family, children and pets are breathing in the toxic fumes of traditional cleaning products. 

Green Bleach

The MOST EFFECTIVE Stain Remover, Cleaner, Mold & Mildew Remover, and Deodorizer that I have found! 


Perfect for laundry, and removing stains from: 

Table Linens

Bed Linens, 




Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Wine & Juice

Concrete Walks & Driveways

Mold & Mildew,

Tile & Grout. 

 Pet Accidents

Blood & Urine, 

and much more!I

It’s great for both whites and colors, safe for the environment, and safe to use!

All Purpose Cleaner

Ready to use.  You can use this throughout the house, to clean walls, floors, decks, doors, ceilings and vents, counters, cabinets, lawn and patio furniture, toys and sports equipment, luggage, bicycles and anything else that is safe to use water on.

Window and Glass Cleaner

Ready to use on windows, mirrors, glass doors, ceramic tile, granite, and other high-gloss surfaces. Will not streak. Contains no ammonia or alcohol.

Dish Wash

Use for washing dishes and utensils, pots and pans. Safe to use around food surfaces. Helps to sanitize and remove bacteria from all surfaces. Helps to keep drains clean and smelling fresh. Will not dry out your hands.

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