Green Sage Distributorships


Two plans are available:

  • One is a traditional distributor relationship,
  • The other is an Exclusive Licensing Agreement, with greater earnings potential.

After we agree on our mutual desire to establish a relationship, the scope of the opportunity, and your capability and resources, we can discuss further the structure of our relationship.

Our objectives:

  1. Establish a relationship with a company that will represent Green Sage Eco Products well and maintains our reputation.
  1. Establish a structure that will allow our strategic partner to be successful and to prosper.
  1. Commit to providing our full technical and marketing support and resources to our strategic partner.
  1. Establish a long-term mutually profitable and beneficial relationship with a quality and ethical partner.

Here is specific information on the Licensing structure vs. Distributorship:

  • A Licensee receives an Exclusive Territory and Target Market. We will agree on an Exclusive Territory (geographic area) and Target Market, such as sales directly to consumer or industrial markets, either by internet, direct sales networks, or retail stores.
  • A Licensee receives special pricing on all Green Sage Eco products, based on anticipated volume, which we will establish together. Your guaranteed Volume Pricing Schedule will be included in the Licensing Agreement.
  • A Licensee pays an initial licensing fee to Green Sage Eco Products, which is a one-time fee. Your Licensing Fee would be determined by the size of the Exclusive Territory and Target Market (typically from $3,000 to $25,000) and would last for a term of three to five years, with an option to renew and right of first refusal for an agreed-upon period.

A Distributor would not receive an exclusive territory and would receive discounts from list prices based on volume purchasing.

We provide complete Operations, Business, and Marketing manuals to both our Licensees and Distributors. We make it very simple and easy so you can concentrate on building and managing your business.

You will learn that we are professional and ethical, that we treat all of our customers and partners with respect, and we will work with you in every way to support your success.

Green Sage Eco Products offers cleaning solutions for industrial, commercial and household applications. Our products can be sold:

  • Through your existing organization
  • In retail stores
  • Through personal sales calls
  • Local advertising
  • By direct mail
  • On the internet

Our unique properties also offer natural opportunities for PR and editorial mention.

Depending on your specific interests, experience, and capabilities, here are some of the ways you can reach your financial goals with Green Sage Eco Products:

  1. Current distributors and reps can add Green Sage Eco Products to an existing line of cleaning products and offer an ecologically safe alternative to your customers.
  1. Equipment sales businesses can offer Green Sage Eco Products as a complementary ongoing income generator to your current equipment sales, such as dishwashers, ultrasonic equipment, carpet-cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies like mops and sponges, pool supplies, etc.
  1. Cleaning companies, pool service companies, carpet cleaning companies, and others can advertise that they use our products and gain a competitive advantage. You can also sell our products to your own customers for additional income.
  1. Car washes, dry cleaners, restaurants, hotels – in fact, almost any business can advertise that they use Green Sage Eco Products, which will help you attract customers who appreciate your efforts to protect their health and preserve our environment. These customers are loyal and zealous, and they will tell their friends about you.
  1. Retail stores, hardware stores, garden stores, and convenience stores can add Green Sage Eco Products alongside other cleaning products. Many consumers today are searching for environmentally friendly cleaning products that are convenient and easy to find in their own neighborhood.
  1. You can become a master distributor and establish your own independent sales force to sell Green Sage Eco Products for you. They will earn a percentage of the selling price, and you will become eligible for deeper discounts based on higher volumes.
  1. You can partner with local fund-raising groups of all kinds, both as a profit generator for you and for them; and also as a tremendous PR opportunity to support your local community and to develop new and ongoing sales.
  1. We offer private label opportunities to qualified companies. We can handle label design, the addition of barcodes or QR codes, regulatory compliance, and more if you wish.

Contact us with your thoughts, ideas, or questions. We will be happy to help you tailor a program that meets your specific goals and needs.